Easy Ways to Write Business Emails

In today’s business world, email is the very common form of business communication so it should be perfect. Many people use emails as the main and in other cases, it is a mean of written communication. Emails can involve few elements which are given below:

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– Subject line
This element shows the reader the main topic of the email

– (Salutation)
This element is not so important, you can use it as an optional. Some folks begin with “Hello”, others with the reader’s first name.

– Reason for writing

– Main point

– (End)
In this post, I am going to tell you 2 easy ways to write business emails.

  1. Use an Actionable, Concise and Clear Message

Email in a 7-8 word subject: Your subject must be precise and short and it must summarize the main message of the email. The perfect subject provides relevant information to the audience. Folks who get lots of emails a day will only open emails with specifically interesting subjects. The subjects should be of 7-8 words so that the whole subject is visible on a mobile and also computer.

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Here are few Examples of ideal email subject lines

  • Your shipment will reach on 9/8
  • The printer broken. May I replace it for $100?
  • Marketing meeting at 3 PM. Are you attending?

Here are few Examples of bad email subject lines

  • On the way to you
  • A printer
  • A meeting

Skimmed and acted: You should write the email so that the reader will easily scan relevant information. You should use formatting which may help the audience get immediately to information they require. In a long email, you should bold the most essential concepts or sentences.

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    2. Maintaining Professional Image and Formality

Use a formal tone: The freelance business content writers should keep the straightforward and professional of their email. While writing email, try to leave informal or emotional language out of the email completely. Whenever possible, you should avoid abbreviations and contractions. Make sure that the full-length phrases often seem very formal.

Proofread the email: While doing business content writing jobs for email, do your best to make sure that the email does not include spelling or grammar mistakes. Moreover, you should use standard punctuation. Several email programs involve an option of spell check; you can use it! If the grammar is poor, then it will certainly destroy the text that you are sending.